sustainability is the single most important part of our business + at the forefront of why we are here.

we really felt we could not justify being a part of the circular fashion movement + contribute our part in one way without doing our part for the environment in other ways. how could we send your second hand pieces in a plastic bag that you would dump into landfill when we are trying to solve the problem of textiles ending up in landfill? we are constantly learning + evolving in this industry, but we currently invested in certain areas of our packaging we feel will make the most difference.

here are a few things you should know:

  1. our mailers are 100% compostable! this means that when you receive your second hand pieces from us, you can toss that bad boy right into your home compost or your commercial compost bin. how amazing is that?
  2. our shipping labels are printed on ‘Direct Thermal Labels’ that are 100% recycled AND curb-side recyclable! these truly are the world's most earth conscious labels and we’re so excited to be using them.
  3. our custom tissue paper is 100% compostable and FSC certified, printed on acid free paper, and uses soy based inks.
  4. you may receive a little note in your package as a ‘thank you’ from us and it is printed on plantable seed paper aswell as stamped with plant based ink!

*to grow your seed paper just place in a pot with compost, water well and make sure the paper is kept moist at all times. do not let it dry out as this will reduce the chance of growth. keep the pot somewhere light and warm. once the seeds start are large enough, you can even transfer them to your garden. 


REMINDER: our mailers & tissue are compostable but the SHIPPING LABELS are RECYCLABLE.

please ensure you rip off the shipping label and dispose of it in your recycling bin before putting your mailer in the compost. watch the video below for a little demo on how to properly dispose of our packaging.

we are part of Eco Packaging Alliance! what does this mean?

this means every time Breeze places an order with our supplier, they plant a certain amount of trees in an area of need that we choose. we are committed to ensuring that we carbon offset the distribution of receiving our packaging with this initiative.

we are always looking for ways to improve our packaging + environmental impact. having an e-commerce store + focusing on sustainability at the forefront can definitely be a challenge, but we are tackling it head on and are always choosing the more sustainable option when available. we are open to any + all suggestions so please shoot us an email if you are a company with sustainable resources or have any insight into sustainable packaging options... we would love to chat!