Meet Sabrina + Nick

Breeze stemmed from a passion to be more sustainable in every aspect of our personal lives, which meant slowly changing our every day choices including not only our fashion choices, but overall consumption. With Nick's design background + Sabrina's passion for holistic living, well... here we are.

Our promise to you is to be sustainable in all aspects of Breeze. We’ve been there + we get it, it can feel impossible and time consuming at times to choose the more sustainable option. Let’s prove that it can be easy to choose the slower alternative, especially when it comes to reducing the fast fashion options that surround us.


our mailers, custom tissue paper + Breeze logo stickers are 100% compostable

*** please note: our shipping labels are printed on ‘Direct Thermal Labels’ that are made out of 100% recycled materials and they are curb-side recyclable ***
this means that when you receive your second hand pieces from us, make sure you rip off the shipping label first + dispose of it in your recycling bin. you can then toss that bad boy right into your home compost or your commercial compost bin. how amazing is that?

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